Celebrating National Online Learning Day

Thursday - September 15, 2022

Celebrating National Online Learning Day

Today is National Online Learning Day and Reason & Republic is celebrating by highlighting The South Carolina Preparatory Academy (SC Prep), South Carolina’s First Online Classical Public Charter School. Tuition-free and open to students in middle and high school across the State of South Carolina, SC Prep combines the best aspects of traditional public and private schools with a robust online learning experience that provides students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, on their own schedules, in the ways that are best for them. “Families are increasingly seeking flexible and customizable educational options to meet the unique needs of their children,” said Reason & Republic CEO James Galyean. “The South Carolina Preparatory Academy exists to meet these needs and provide students with the best fit for their education.”

Founded by Reason & Republic during the 2021-2022 school year, SC Prep has flourished under the leadership of Principal Dr. Kelly Griffis. “COVID really catapulted us into this,” explained Dr. Griffis. “So many students were left behind educationally, while others found that they were ready to move forward and progress faster than their traditional in-person classrooms allowed. SC Prep’s educational model benefits both of these sets of students.” As news about SC Prep’s flexible scheduling, individualized approach, and classical curriculum traveled across South Carolina, families seeking different educational options for their children took notice and made the choice to switch to a new and innovative virtual model. The school’s dedicated faculty and administrators currently serve over 360 students from across the State, with new families enrolling every day.

SC Prep’s mission is to provide a highly motivated and rigorous curriculum, virtual in nature and classically based to middle and high school students in South Carolina. The approach is more self-paced than a traditional classroom, with a focus on helping students learn the valuable time-management and self-advocacy skills needed in college and beyond. Virtual live classes are combined with individual and small group sessions, and students have additional course material to complete and submit by a set time each week. Since the virtual classroom expands to anyplace families want it to be, there are numerous opportunities for experiential learning and unique educational settings. “Families are free to travel while their children attend classes remotely, which really opens up a great global perspective that students can share with their classmates in real-time,” said Dr. Griffis. “We also have students who are on track to become professional athletes who require flexible schedules, and others who attend virtual classes in-person at mentoring organizations. By removing the constraints of a brick-and-mortar school, we’re providing the freedom to explore interests and allow students to learn in the ways that are best for them.”

At the heart of SC Prep is a content rich classical curriculum designed to teach students to read, think, and learn with order, depth, and complexity. “Critical thinking is huge for us,” explained Dr. Griffis, “and the flexibility of our schedule gives teachers the ability to pull together small groups that allow students to explore their thoughts and shore up their ideas in a supportive environment.” The virtual model also provides teachers with a unique opportunity to provide individualized instruction that normally isn’t an option in a standard classroom setting. Time is purposefully built into the schedule to allow faculty members to work with students one-on-one, and automatic grade updates keep teachers apprised of any potential academic issues requiring attention. Technology is a key component, with several types built into the curriculum to help students build the skills they will need in the future. “Our society is technology-based,” said Dr. Griffis, “and if you are going to advance in your career and in society, you need to be responsibly tech-savvy, which is definitely a skill our students are learning.”

The South Carolina Preparatory Academy is still open for enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year. There is no cost for tuition, and all students in grades six through twelve across the State of South Carolina are eligible to enroll. Visit https://www.myscprep.org/enrollment-form to learn more and apply today.